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Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, a parent coach, and Founder of Good Grief Parenting

Michele Benyo is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, a parent coach, and the founder of
Good Grief Parenting. After her 6-year-old son died of cancer, her 3-year-old daughter said,
“Mommy, half of me is gone.” This heartbreaking statement focused Michele’s career as an
early childhood parenting specialist on the impact of grief on young children, particularly after
child loss. Michele equips parents and other caring adults to recognize young children’s grief
and to provide the support children need to cope well with any loss. The desire of Michele’s
heart is to see families live forward after loss toward a future bright with possibilities and even

February 28, 2022

Ep. 24 - Early Childhood Grief

Children and adults grieve differently, today's episode features Michelle Benyo Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, who reveals what parents need to know to help their child when a sibling passes. She breaks down the 4 pillars to help young children...

Grief Parenting Helping Children With Grief Loss Of A Loved One Loss Of A Child