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March 15, 2022

Kicking it with Kaiden

Kicking it with Kaiden

Hi, welcome to kick it off with Kaden. I'm Caden Wyman and I'm nine years old. So today I am, I have a special guest today. Her name is auntie Sarah. Yup. All Angie, Sarah, question one. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Question two. What do you do at the doctor's office rule number three, or, I mean, question three?

What is churning? Question four. Do you have to go to school? Five? What do you do when you help patient six? Tell me about your doctor tools. Seven. What's your favorite part about being a doctor?

Can you repeat the first question for me? Just the first one. Okay. Question one. Tell me a little bit about yourself. So I am your aunt. I'm also an aunt to many other people, so, and I love being anti-social. But even before I was your aunt, I went to school to be a doctor. And now I am, what's called a pediatrician.

So pediatrician is somebody who takes care of some like children anywhere from age, like when they're first born as a baby, all the way up until they are. Going to college for example, but I grew up in Aurora, which isn't too far from where you live or I live. And I then went to school and became a doctor and I have a big family I love my family and I have two sons, Gabriel and Benjamin, and I have two dogs, Buck, and guests.

Wow. That's cool. Do you have any dogs? I do you do one. Okay. And what's their name? Kupa? Well, one di oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Yeah. So her name's Yoshi and she was 17, 18 when she died for dogs. That's a really long life, you know that. Yeah. So that's pretty cool. Um, so why don't you, why aren't you, what do you do.

What do you do to your, what do you, um, tell me about your doctor tools? Oh, that's a really good question. So I have lots of tools that I use in the office to help me take care of patients. Probably the one I use the most is a stethoscope. Do you know what a stethoscope is? No. So a stethoscope is something you put in your ears and then you take it and you can listen to a person's heartbeat and you can listen to how they're breathing.

You know why they were sick or something like that, or let's say another doctor has to look at the chart, then they also know what happened. So it's a way of communicating and documenting anybody that I see in the office. Okay. But usually, I do that when I'm not with patients. So like when you go to the doctor, you probably don't see them really doing any of that because they do it after the visit.

If there is something. But when they're healthy, it's fun because then they just smile at me and make funny noises. All right. So I am going to, so, um, so, um, did you have to go to school? I did. So I went to school just like you go to school. What grade are you in? I'm third grade, third grade. So, you know, kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade.

And then after 12th grade, I had to go to college and that's called undergraduate college. And that took me about four and a half years. I went a little bit extra and then I had to study science. So to be a doctor, I had to study biology and chemistry and that kind of physics and fun stuff. And then after I finished that I had to go to medical school, which was a whole four more years.

And then after I finished medical school, I had to do, what's called my internship and residency, and that was three more years. So Caden, after 12th grade, I had 12 more years that I had to go to school in order to be a doctor, but I've been a doctor now for over 25 years on top of that. And I have loved every minute of it, so it was worth it.

Um, I love you. I love you too. Um, so what is, um, so what do you do. When you're not at work. That's a really good question. So, I like to do a lot of things. Um, I love to spend time with family, so I like hanging out with you and your sister and your mom and dad and all your cousins. And, and, um, I like to even see my cousins.

I like to go out on the. I love to go boating. Yeah. At the cabin. Yes. I love to go out on the lake. Hey, when did Baba graduate high school? Oh, Baba. Um, in 19. So Baba is Aiden's grandfather. My brother-in-law. And he would have graduated, I think in 1977, uh, year after. Oh yeah. I know that seems like a long time ago.

Doesn't it? Oh, so, but do you know, I knew G mommy and Baba before your mommy was even born. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Huh?

Turn one year old. Why did you turn one year old in 1967 What year were you born in 1966? What, um, what's your favorite part about being a doctor? Can you repeat that question? What's your favorite part about being a doctor? Well, I love kids and I think. One of my favorite things is doing the well visits, like, because I get to talk to parents and I get to see all kinds of ages.

So my favorite thing about being a doctor is that every day is different and every patient is different. And I really like working with patient parents and patients and helping them solve any problems that they have. Okay. Um, um, did we go through all the questions? Um,

we did. That's okay. We can do more questions. Do you have any other questions or anything else you'd like to talk about? Is this my own podcast? So this is your podcast that we are going to produce and put on the, growing up with Dr. Sarah show, but I would really encourage you to have your own show. What do you think about that?

I will love that. So what would you talk about Caden? What would some of you, who are some other people that you would have as guests on your show? Shut. So like in a show, we just watch, we just like, if you be in a show as a camera. So if so, what we, um, so if you'll be in a show and you can do, you can do, you can be in a camera and a show.

So in Disney plus is I have watched Winn-Dixie at school. And, and what's, Winn-Dixie, it's a show on Disney plus. So if you have on your own podcast, who would you, who would you have come and be on your podcast? Um, I don't know yet. Yeah. So, you know, even myself, sometimes I have to think about who I'm going to have on the show and what we're going to talk about and things like that.

What do you like to do when you're not in school? Relax up summer. I do like summer too. What are you looking forward to the most about summer? So summer where you can go to the beach and you can, you can play underwater. You'd like to swim. I like to swim too. I really do. Now. What are some safety things that we have to remember about swimming?

Do you remember? Like, what do you have to wear when you go in the water? So you had to wear a bathing suit and goggles goggles are good. Yeah. You have to wear goggles. So your eyes, your eyes don't get. And probably one of the most important things is that you have to have like a parent or another adult with you.

Correct. When you swim. Cause you don't want to go, shouldn't go swimming by yourself. Now sometimes. Do you wear a life jacket? Yeah. At the cabin at your lake house, when you go swimming in the lake.

Whenever last time I got, I went to ocean city, Maryland. Now didn't you just go to splash lagoon? Yes. Tell me about that. How was that? How many states did you go to? How many states have I been in, in my life? Oh, I don't, I don't think I ever counted. Which states have you, which states have you been in? Well, I I've been in Ohio.

I've been to Pennsylvania because I have family there. I have been to Rhode Island because uncle John had a family. There has family there now what'd you do in Rhode Island? So Rhode Island is beautiful. I love Rhode Island, especially in the summer because there's a beat. Um, and it's called Newport Rhode Island.

And they have these in Rhode Island. Yes, there are. It's very, very pretty, but this time of year it's cold like it is in Ohio sometimes even colder. Okay. Have you been in more, any states? I've been to Maryland and I have been to ocean city. And I've been to Virginia. What'd you do in Virginia? I went to Washington where the president is.

It's pretty cool. What else I've been to? Let's see, I've been to South Carolina because that's where my son Ben lives. And I've been to North Carolina because that's just above South Carolina and I have a cousin that lives, in North Carolina. So I've been there too, and I've been to Florida. Do you have a Florida house?

I, we do have, um, we do have a place in Florida, which is, is a good plate. Nice place to go in the winter when it gets cold here. Sure. And I've been to Georgia, what'd you do in Georgia, Georgia. I went to visit one of my best friends that moved from here to Georgia. And I spent some time with her. I've been to Nebraska, Nebraska.

Nebraska is like. In the Midwest, but kinda Northwest area. And I went to Omaha and Lincoln and I went to a football game and I get to see, got to do that and I get to visit friends. And I've been to Minnesota. What did you do in Minnesota? I went and saw the Browns play the Vikings and they want the Cleveland Browns.

I've been to Kansas City. I've been to Kansas. What'd you do in Kansas? I saw, I saw the Browns play there too, actually. Not, not in Kansas. That's Missouri. Have you been to Arkansas? You know what? I have never been to Arkansas have uncle John? Nope. Did you know that the wall, you know, have you ever been to one?

Yeah, I've been there. So did you know that Walmart headquarters is in Arkansas? So it'd be kind of fun to go to Arkansas. Huh? I've been to Louisiana, Louisiana. Louisiana is in the south. It's very hot, but they have really good food. I've been to Texas. Texas is a really big state. What'd you do in Texas? I went there because I had to go to an education conference, but I've also been there to visit friends.

I've been to Nevada, what'd you do in Nevada? So that's where Las Vegas is. So I went to Las Vegas and I saw a show, but that was a long time ago. And I've been to Seattle. I like Seattle to watch. What'd you do in Seattle, Seattle? We had to go, cause uncle, John had a meeting, but it was really cool. Cause I also got to see some friends in Seattle and they have a place called, um, where it's like a fish market and it's super fun because the guys throw the fish across the room.

Um, have you been to Michigan? You know what, I have been to Michigan, but mostly the times that I've been to Michigan, I've been to just drive through Michigan. There's a lot of places to go in Northern, mixed Michigan that I'd love to go visit sometime. Yeah. So, and I've been in Colorado. What did you do in Colorado?

Have you been to Denver international airport? I have. What'd you do there? I landed in Denver and then I went skiing. What do you have at Denver international airport? Subway train? No. Well, I have not done that. That sounds pretty cool though. Have you ever been on a sub? Yes, I had an airport. Let me fix my shoe.

I think that's it. I'm trying to, oh, I've been to California. What'd you do in California? I went to Hollywood. Hollywood. Cool. Yeah. And I think any, oh, New Mexico, I guess I've been in a lot of states. Hey, I gotta tell you something. Yup. One joke. Well, John's birthday. He just had a birthday. When's his birthday in March.

The second one is your birthday in January, January. What is your son's birthday? Um, one is December eight, December 8th, Gabe and Ben is may six

where's Lauren's birthday, July 13.

Do you like to travel? Um, I do. Have you ever been on a plane? I have. Yeah. Would you rather be on a plane or would you rather ride in a car? Be on a plane, but I like riding in a car. I like car rides do, but if they're too, too long, then I'd rather be on a plane. What about a hotel if you ever stayed overnight in a hotel?

Yes, I have. I love being in a hotel. I agree with that. What's the best part.

Um, I don't know. How, when did you turn 10 years old in 1976.

How old were you last year? In 2021. Oh, now you're getting really personal. How old do you think I was? Take a guess 45 then. That's how old I was. How old are you? Oh, yeah, I guess that would be the age. No, actually I'm 56 now. You're 50. You're 50 lashes, 55 last year. And I'm grateful to have a birthday every year.

Right? What is that right there? It's a piece of candy. Ooh. Hey, I gotta tell you something. You're the best. I think you're the best too, Hey, when did you turn. Oh, that was such a long time ago. Uh, when did you turn one, 2013? You were one in 2013? Yeah, I was nine last year. Okay. And you're well, and you're going to turn, what do you have any cats?

I don't have cats, but I used to have cats when I was a little girl. I had a cat named Felix, the cat where's Felix. Felix died. How old's Felix, when he had a boy or a girl, he was a boy and he died. I think he was about 17 years old when he died. Yeah. How many cats did you get? Well, then I had, uh, I had one other cat uncle John got me a cat.

His name was Austin. Austin did Austin die. And fortunately Austin when did die, but he died really quickly. How did he die? He ran into the street and a car hit him. Oh, what's wrong? No, that made me sad. Hey, why, why did I doll? Did Austin run away? No, but when, when I was growing up, my, my mom and dad lived on a very busy street.

Did your mom and dad do? Yeah, but they live to be very old. How old are they? So, well, one died at 72, which isn't that? Have you, do you know? Part-time G mommy's daddy? Yeah. That's my daddy too. Did he? How old was he when he died? He was 72. Why did he die? Because he died because his heart stopped working.

Yeah, but what happened to him? Well, your heart has to work in order to live and his heart just was not feeling well. Yeah, I did it. It's called heart failure. Do you know Harry G mommy's brother? That's my brother too. Yeah. How old was he when he died? He was 53. Why did he die? He had cancer. What does cancer mean?

Cancer is. The S the cells in your body become abnormal, they change, and then it makes you sick. Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah. Well, it happens sometimes and it's sad, but do you know mommy's husband? Yes. How do you know him? Well, when gee, mommy. Did you meet her husband? I was only seven years old, so I've known him for a very long time.

Yeah. But why haven't your cat's name? Austin. Oh, I, he, he ran into the street or poor kitty. Why did he die? Because a car hit him. Was it a what, what was his, what does, what was it? The car looked like? Oh, I can't remember. No. What was it look like? Was it a small car? Well, I never saw it happen, so I don't know what the car looked like.

We just, well, how did you work out outside? Correct. But not when it happened just after we saw it. And what, why did, why did it all go down and give you a cat? Cause he knew I liked cats at the time, but he was allergic to cats, which was kind of silly. Adam's Austin Adams. Did he die? Where is he? Is he a boy or girl?

Austin was a boy. Did he? Why did he, did he die? Yes. How was he when he died? I can't remember. I don't remember at all. Who John got you. And then you take him out. He ran somebody. Let him out of the house. Was it a robber? No, thankfully it wasn't a rat. And who did uncle John? I don't remember who led him out.

I, it was such a long time ago. I really can't remember. Yeah. Well, there was your catch, both boys. Just like both. My dogs are boys too. Yeah. How're Gus guests. Gus. Gus is four and buck will be 10 in eight. Buck is the same age as you Lance Gus. Gus is October, October. What? Mm, I think it's October 27. How about, gosh,

how about Gus? Gus? Gus. Gus is October 27. Fuck a Gus. His birthday. Both of them are on October 7th. No buck is his birthday is April 3rd. April 3rd, what is he going to be? Five

Gus. We'll be five this year in October.

Hey, we're number? What was your always 16th birthday theme? Oh, wow. You're really like testing my memory here. So. We had a big birthday party when she turned 62 years ago. And I know we had a cake, I don't know that we really had a theme other than we just kept calling it. Was it some flowers? Well, that is, she does like some flowers, so it could have been sunflowers.

Do you remember seeing pictures? Is that one thing? Happy birthday. Gee, mommy. On her 16th birthday, we did. I don't think so because we did the party, like for just adults, what did I, what was I doing? You might've been home with your dad, with my dad possible. I'm trying to remember. Was that home alone? No, no, you were not home alone.

What are you going to do for your birthday?

Do you know how? Yeah. What is, what's going to be your theme for your birthday? My 10th birthday theme among us. What is it going to be among us? Explain what that is. Um, it's a game. How do you play the game? Um, I'll show you what it looks like on my iPad. I'll show you what it looks like on my iPod.

Okay. Are you excited about that? I have it on my iPod. Now, Emmy, your sister is having a birthday. What's her theme going to be Encanto? Yes, that's right. This is what it is right here by ICQ and translate right here. Oh, I'm on Lubert. Hold on. I'm in Newport. This is what it looks like. Oh, that looks really cool.

And what do you want for your birthday? For you, for me to buy you, what would you like me to buy you? Um, what should I get? What do you want? Is it, can I get electronics?

I want a Samsung galaxy Z flip. So why, why do you want that? Because it flips so cool because my friend Alia Gert's chair has one. Oh, okay. Okay. I love you. I love you more. So what are you going to do after your podcast today? Um, record. So, um, I don't know. I don't know yet. Now, do you have a YouTube channel?

Yes, I do. And what's that called? Kicking in with Caden? Very fun. I think that's an excellent title for your YouTube. Am I going to say kicking off keto? My podcast is in my first episode, it could be your first episode. Yeah. Yeah. I like it. What do you think you want to be when you grow up a firefighter? I love that idea.

You know, there's someone else in our family that I want for my birthday, you know, I wrote it down. Don't worry. I got it. I got gotcha.

What do you, so do you know that there are other firefighters in our family? Do you remember who is a firefighter? Um, I don't know. So you remember kit. Yeah, I remember him. So that's your aunt, your great uncle. My Mike brother. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, my brother. And he is a firefighter as well. That's cool. Yeah, I'm going to stop the podcast whenever you're ready.

Cause it's your show. So you can say thank you for joining me. Um, kicking it with Kayden and auntie Sarah. I love you. I love you. And when you say thanks for joining me on kicking it with Kayden, say, remember to listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or wherever you like to listen to your show. All right, I'm done now.

Thank you for joining me on my podcasts of kicking out. Caden, make sure you go me on my podcast on Spotify on Apple podcast.